Red Sauce Theatre

Empowering through the Performing Arts

For the past 10 years, Red Sauce has been using the performing arts as a powerful tool to communicate, teach, and engage diverse audiences. 

Founded by a former teacher with  experience in funded projects,  Red Sauce Theatre is a not for profit organisation, which specialises in telling beautiful stories to audiences of all ages and abilities.

We work closely with museums, schools, community groups and organisations.

Our stories range from tales around our own local history to ancient fairy tales all told through traditional storytelling and beautiful puppetry.

and come with immersive workshops! 

 Visit our “Stories” page and take a peek at the stories we tell all year round.

 We come to you! No fuss 

Workshops accompany all stories, written by a former teacher with heritage experience and knowledge of our local history.

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We interpret and create workshops and deliver training for organisations

We deliver storytelling to organisations, we create immersive workshops and cross the curriculum to allow participants to engage creatively through imaginative and creative activities whilst learning a range of subjects including science, art and difficult subject matters.

Our Specialisms Include  Those Living with Dementia


With experience of writing many projects gaining funding from Arts Council UK 

We have collaborated with organisations including Portsmouth University, The Alzheimers Society, The King’s Theatre, Pamodzi, Film Crew 4u, Global Visions,  The D Day Story Museum and Kensington Palaces (Rethinking Heritage Project).

Internationally nominated for our work “Dementia and the Arts”  

For more information please visit our Dementia and storytelling page 

Red Sauce Inclusive Theatre

With our own inclusive theatre company, that have been delivering performances for the past 6 years,  all year round, we collaborate and perform with other SEND organisations including L,Arche Bognor,  The Aldingbourne Trust and Gig Buddies.