Red Sauce Theatre

Regardless of Age - We Engage!

We are a Performing Arts Company that deliver professional performances to your venue.

 We can perform our interactive theatre shows directly to your venue.  Each show contains approx 30 mins of local history told in our own unique way.

We use masks, mime, music singing and drama to tell the stories of the past!

                     Please see Shows and Performances to see our list of year round shows  which can be delivered to your venue.

or RING RACHEL on 07591961234 or email

With sympathetic and careful research we interpret the stories of our local people.

We use their words, their experiences to spread understanding and create compassion for their lives.

We believe storytelling and drama can give people an insight into other peoples lives creating empathy for the characters and an insight into the lives of local people, creating understanding across the generations.

The performances can be booked with a facilitated

Questions and answers (in character) for school groups and GREEN SCREEN technology to get your learners time-travelling with us!

 or for senior groups/community/service groups – group discussion on various points of the stories and what became of the characters.


We work intergenerationally, with all audiences.  With careers in teaching and the performing arts, we work with all ages and in all settings.

 We mix Street- theatre, storytelling and interactive drama to tell the stories of OUR past.  

 All our productions have been carefully researched with the guidance and help of our local museums and people and families who were there.

Interviewing and Performing to John Jenkins at PFC for the Portsmouth Volunteer Awards

Red Sauce Theatre has worked with many organisations including The University of Portsmouth, The Alzheimers Society, The Remind Service, The British Legion, National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth City Museum and The D-Day Museum as well as schools and colleges in Portsmouth, to see more of our past projects please visit the “Heritage Projects” Page.

To find out more of our shows and year-round productions go to our

 “Shows and Street-theatre” Page. or Ring Rachel 07591961234 to book.


Victory on our Doorstep

All our shows come with STREET THEATRE walkabout CHARACTERS to engage your audiences

Ring Rachel for more details on 07591961234
or email

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