Drama and Dementia

Red Sauce Theatre on Main Stage at The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

 Rachel Goodall BA Hons Cert Ed 

Our Director, is a Teacher and Performing Arts Specialist with qualifications in exercise to music and believes its all about keeping as heathy and happy as possible.

 Musical Theatre workshops are a mixture of gentle movement to music, with colourful props to lift the mood as well as engage the brain.   For well-being their are stories, sentimental poems performed and reminiscience work.

 Each workshop themed in a historical era.



   Our new training course, is for carers in our community. please view our short video to see our impact within care-homes

  •   Music – Stimulates the brain, creating different atmospheres, using instruments and sounscapes.

  • Drama – Turn poems and words into performances with unique techniques.  Devised Performance

  • Breathing and Relaxation Techniques – Meditation, to centre and focus breath and the brain

  • Character Work, what makes us unique?  History, arts and culture create identity

  • Toolkit for the Brain, Heal yourself through positivity and self-belief, storytelling techniques

  • Toolkit for your Organisation, groups to hook up with, free resources,  Connect with the community 

All our outreach boxes contain props, music, backing tracks and plays for you to engage with your care-home

A film by local actors will be available from Easter.

Download the film for FREE and you can hire our VE day Box with activities and fun to use at your carehome.

Are your staff super-stars? Do you have an elderly lady or gentleman performer with you??

Lights, Camera, Action...
get our Film in a Box
costumes, backing track for a week of fun drama.