Red Sauce Inclusive Theatre

Our Inclusive Theatre Company have been delivering productions into our community for the past 7 years.

We have a core of 20 cast members and all of our actors perform to live audiences at least twice a year.

Our actors are hired to perform for film work work and are paid equity rates.

D Day on our Doorstep 80

Scrooge -The Musical 2023

During rehearsals cast members learn a variety of theatre techniques,

We improvise and devise performances and also use scripts.

Actors receive training in vocal and physical warm ups

Different styles of Drama

Mime and masks

and work with puppets

Scrooge 2023 Xmas

The wellbeing of the cast is a huge consideration, its very important that everyone has a speaking part and is happy with their role, the process of creating a production is as important to us as the production itself, with everyone being respectful and kind to each other a main priority within the group, we began in 2019 and our first performance was for D Day 75!

D Day 75

In 2019 we were funded in D Day 75, we were invited to perform on HMS Boudicca for the D Day Veterans and we performed at the New Theatre Royal Portsmouth and The D Day Story Museum.

The promise

In 2022

We gained funding to work with our professional actors a film crew and sound professionals on a production called “The Promise” for the Queens Platinum Jubilee

Our performances give participants the opportunity to learn about their own heritage and culture, using the performing arts as a teaching tool, whilst learning performance skills, gaining confidence and important transferable skills that can be used in their lives outside of the workshops.

All our sessions positive body image and forming friendships

Everything we do is Fun!

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