Theatre in Education

A partnering of Portsmouth City Museum and Aspex Gallery, means we are back again this summer for some HAF FUN!!

Thursday 4th August at Portsmouth City Museum, join us on another adventure with the dramaturgs
We are getting ready for a Stuart Ball, join us in the merriment on Thursday 11th August at Portsmouths City Museum
Thursday 18th August we are at Aspex Gallery. Lets create and play for the day, dramaturg style, using our memories , lets make a performance piece about our very own seaside.
We are at Aspex on Thursday 25th August - Join us for an ECO- who dunnit? A serious subject told in a silly way by the Dramaturgs!

Our past Heritage projects 2022

This year Rachel has been asked to  present a video at The National Museum of  the Royal Navy to help teachers around the site with their school groups.

Also we have been performing Victory on our Doorstep and The Purple Poppy Show for adult and family groups.

Portsmouth City Museum 2021-22

For the summer 2021 to winter 2022, we have been part of the HAF Summer  and winter Fun at Portsmouth City Museum engaging with family audiences.

We have been delivering immersive drama each week to highlight the stories told by the museums across Portsmouth.

We have focused on local history and all our work has been interactive storytelling to engage young learners.

We have received lots of really positive feedback from the public and also from Portsmouth City Museum


Victoria Park Project 2021 and 2022

The Red Sauce Theatre Company and Red Sauce Inclusive Theatre

In July 2021, we took part in The Victoria Park Project.

We researched local characters and brought them to life at the Council run event in the form of street theatre including Victorian Ladies and Park Keepers


With Pop up Puppet-Shows with April at the Avery to WW2  Protests in the Park!  Red Sauce made a splash at Victoria Park!!


The Army Flying Museum 2020-2021

Thank you to Dan Ball Engagement – Learning Officer at The Army Flying Museum for allowing Red Sauce Theatre to write and deliver The Incredible Story of Tilly Shilling.

For the collaboration with the D-Day Museum and Red Sauce Theatre for our ZOOM performance of D-Day on our Doorstep and for giving us the opportunity to deliver DRAMA Workshops with the Young Eagles group.

For booking us on many occassions during the lockdown to perform “D-Day on our Doorstep”  We thank you so much for the opportunities!


D Day on our Doorstep 2019 - 2021

We wish to thank the D-Day Museum for funding Red Sauce Theatre to perform alongside The Red Sauce Theatre Inclusive Theatre Company during The D-Day 75 Celebrations.  

Rachel Goodall wrote the musical which we performed at The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth,  the Portsmouth Volunteer Awards and as part of The Portsmouth Festivities during 2019.

We later were funded to create the film version during lockdown 2020, we collaborated with The D-Day Museum and young people from The Army Flying Museum.  Please contact Rachel Goodall 07591961234 for the full 30 mins film footage free of charge

National Museum of the Royal Navy 2019-2021-2022

Many thanks to The National Museum of the Royal Navy and their Educational Team, who have commissioned our work on several occassions over the years from videos/performances/pantos and Rachels solo work.

Our next performance of D-Day on our Doorstep is on Thursday 11th November for Armistace Day and we are there all day!!

So please do pop along and watch the show

Thank you for asking Rachel to present your new teachers resource!
Victory on our Doorstep performed within the galleries for Rememberance Sunday and for Ladies groups.
Pantomime written by R Goodall and performed by RST

Did you know we create tours and workshops?
We have created the incredible creative accessible tours on board HMS M33

Wessex Heritage 2020

Wessex Heritage Memory Project

working with people living with dementia and their carers 

They loved the performance and continued the project throughout lockdown

They enjoy visiting Fort Nelson to see the performance!

HMS M33 WW1 Ship

During 2016-2018 Rachel Goodall became the learning and Community Engagement Officer taking the helm of a WW1 Ship HMS M33, working for NMRN.

Whilst there,  I worked alongside Kensington Palace to highlight their new document “Rethinking Heritage” for the elderly community and those living with dementia.  It was at this time, I started the initative to train those within the dockyard to be “Dementia Friendly” creating awareness for the illness.

I created many Tours and Workshops whilst on board for Primary and Secondary Schools.  I was also lucky enough to enjoy leading large scale media events.

We really enjoyed working with The National Museum of the Royal Navy, The Army Flying Museum, The D-Day Museum, Portsmouth City Museum