All items in our Outreach Boxes are safe and have been used successfully within venues, the items are there to support the manager and the co-ordinator and to create engagement and positivity! All the items are cleaned prior and after use to make them covid safe and inline with government standards. 

 The boxes contain group work, with individual tasks orbooks for individuals wishing to work or read the subject alone in their own time.

Our Outreach boxes can be hired daily but we recommend at least 3-4 days for full use of resources.

The WW2 and Street-Party Box 

This Box comes with ” Singalong a Streetparty”  Music for Fun with Flags and props!  Replica laminated D-Day Letters- written by The D-Day Veterans,  Costumes and props. 1940s memorabelia for reminiscience, Quizes and Activities, perfect to make your party go with a bang!  Comes with a Free recorded Performance of

” D-Day on your Doorstep”


image 1

The FILM in a BOX  (a fabulous Christmas present)

The Box contains props, costumes and Scripts with an I pad for you to create your own film, or simply use the backing track and perform to a live audience.   Please watch Blue Water Care Home and their performance with staff and its cast of residents perform.  We also have facilities to edit the footage to create a sleek film for your residents to enjoy and make fabulous presents and memories for just £50 additional cost.

Silent Movie (WW1) Wonderbox)

Costumes and props, Interactive Stories and Pictures, hats, mime activities

This box looks at an incredible era of change and diversity, a look at the hidden heroes of the past including performers who appeared on  stage at our local theatres.

Animal Heroes , Male impersonators and the silent movie comedians were taking centre stage bringing positivity and change for everyone

The Magical Miracle Box

Miracle plays were traditionally performed on Boxing Day, easily performed, this box contains Stock Characters to dress up and have fun with.

 A traditional hobby horse, folk music and sea shanties to get everyone in the mood. A fun and bonding activity for everyone.

Handkerchiefs for dancing, Swords (2 foam), Accordian and instruments

With additional information of this time period for individuals to read including Jane Austin, Nelson and the Royal Navy and Information about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, for those who wish to read the subject matter in their own time or as open discussion points

 The Super-Trouper Box

This is our colourful Wonderbox to make you smile.

Colourful Parachute for team fun

 Colourful FlySwatters for Balloon Games (balloons and net supplied)

 Quizes and Activities 

Colourful poems 

Fun Singalong party music and kareoke Machine 

and colourful instruments

 Perfect to make your party go with a swing!