Shows, Stories and Street-Theatre

A Historical Experience for the whole family!

VICTORY on our Doorstep

The incredible story about the people who lived in Portsmouth during WW2 

The letters sent to their loved ones are performed beautifully and blended with original radio reports and music of this era.

 45 mins performance for £200 

RING RACHEL 07591961234 or email us at redsaucetheatre@gmail

Perfect for Rememberance Week

Victorian Ladies and WW1 DRAMA


Book for Halloween...Sailors Tails and Spooky Spells 


A splash of Red Sauce Theatre brings The Pompey Purple Poppy to life

 with GREEN SCREENS to put your pupils in the picture and star in their own film!

£200 for a special Halloween treet 

Ks1 The Mysterious tail of the Ships Cat & Ks2 Captain Woodward and the Supersonic Seals


Our 20 min live footage of Red Sauce Theatre at Portsmouth Museum.

The story of WW1 Captain Woodward and the Seals

creative activities

Green-Screens to capture the drama!

Victorian Street-theatre

Mrs Dingle-Batchelor and her Bevy of British Ladies
Miss Muggins and Izzy Wizzy
Bathing Belles

A Yule Tide Tale 2021

The Shoes that were danced through”

A Traditional RAG Story told at Christmas Time

 with an appearance from the GREEN MAN himself

Including Role play and Interactive Drama

We will bring the costumes and the narration track (listen below) and if you want…the film crew to turn your audience into STARS

(Video shot during lockdown) but is a tool to teach the story! 

RING RACHEL 07591961234 or email


Your learners find out about the characters and their social situation using Questions and Answers
"in character court room caper" and live video link to your class room

Session approx 30 mins with Down-loadable questions!

May Day - May Day - May Day

As a modern day police-force you are tasked with arresting some notorious characters from Portsmouths Past! 

BUT how will you punish them? 

Hannah Snell WANTED for Impersonating a MAN- Fighting another man

 – Hear her plea and performance piece she now performs in her own public house –                          “The Female Warrior”

Anne Bonny WANTED for PIRACY and MURDER...hear her story and judge for yourself

Emma Hamilton- Wanted Non payment of DEBT, left alone, penniless without Lord Nelson to fight her battles…why didnt she pay her debt? Let her show us how she performed to earn her keep before she became The Admirals Lady.

All could be residing in Portsmouth know the city well and have friends here…. 


From Rags to Riches

We are here in Portsmouth

Where local people have travelled the globe for the first time and returned with tales to tell of faraway places.  With French prisoners of war and Press-gangs working in old Portsmouth there are many characters to be met!

Immersive role play with music, masks and mime!  

Take a journey and see,   how Portsmouth went from a small port and how people became rich trading goods!  

facilitating our session with Portsmouth City Museum

Now to meet the Queen of England

 We shall all perform, the latest plays from Shakespere!!

and  give the queen our spicey gifts from around the world 

Witchy sound- scapes and creative dance bring to life the witches from Macbeth and the fairy folk from   A Midsummers Night Dream.

Lets hope she enjoys the show or we could be for THE CHOP!!

This session is facilitated by Specialist Drama Teachers for Vocal Expression and Physical Theatre Role Play

All our sessions have been tested within museum settings and are considered excellent.

We have our own RA and Teaching Liability Insurance through equity.

Any Enquiries please do RING RACHEL 07591961234 or email

We pride ourselves on being insured through equity and having correct DBS checks in Place. All our instructors have QTS and degrees in subject areas.