Shows, Stories and Street-Theatre

WW2 Drama told through music, masks and mime

VICTORY on our Doorstep

The incredible story about the people who lived in Portsmouth during WW2 

The letters sent to their loved ones are performed beautifully and blended with original radio reports and music of this era.

To book your 45 mins performance for £250  

with Questions and Answer Session for museums and senior/veterans

and a WW2 sing a long. (20 mins)

RING RACHEL 07591961234 or email us at

WW1 and the Purple Poppies


A splash of Red Sauce Theatre brings The Pompey Purple Poppy to life with a meet and greet from some local victorian ladies.

Ks1 The Mysterious tail of the Ships Cat, The real story of a cat who boarded the HMS M33..storytelling with puppets and music for audiences to interact with.

  Ks2 Captain Woodward and the Super Trooper Seals, Yes they really did perform on the main stage at the Kings Theatre after the war.

Storytelling and animal puppets make these experiences very special, we have many animal puppets for audieces to experience and handle.

 The Animals are also fabulous within care-homes and for those living with dementia.


As a trained Drama Specialist, Miss Goodall helps all children understand the very apparent class system through comedy and mime techniques used by Charlie Chaplin and other performers of this era.

Victorian Street-theatre

Storytelling with Puppets


The Shoes that were danced through”

A Traditional fairystory, with a moral twist.

Find out what happens when the King offers his Kingdom to anyone who can find out…. why his daughters shoes are worn to threads every night???

This mysterious story first told thousands of years ago is interpreted using theatrical storytelling and with beautiful puppets to a musical backing track

We have performed this production for schools and care-homes,community groups who all adore this accessible entertainment.

£250 per performance

Ring Rachel for details on 075 919 6123


Mumming and Miracle Plays from Pagan Britain

See a mumming play performed in a totally unique and creative way.

Using the same stock characters found,

 within these ancient pagan plays.

Using the same scripts, words and poems

and the same costumes

We will give you a slice of past life with a splash of Red Sauce!


RING RACHEL 07591961234 or email

Beautiful Storytelling
St George and his dragon!

We pride ourselves on being insured through equity and having correct DBS checks in Place. All our instructors have QTS and degrees in subject areas.