Empowering through the Performing Arts

We believe in empowering people through storytelling, people living with dementia do not lose their creativity, imaginations or dreams.  Theatre gives them a platform to express themselves and use their own experiences, it gives family members joy to see them being creative, happy and fulfilled.

We began our journey in 2014, Rachel founded “The Red Sauce Theatre Company and she was given the opportunity to be a research fellow for Portsmouth University as part of the “Creative Arts” Project in Portsmouth, focusing on the real and lasting effect storytelling and drama has on people living with dementia and their loved ones.
In 2015 -2016 , RST Awarded £10,000 by The Arts Award to work with those living with Dementia delivering workshops and creating a live performance piece for the general public.
RST nominated internationally for their work  “Dementia and the Arts”, 
 During 2016, Rachel implemented Dementia Friendly Days and implementing over 180 members of staff to be “Dementia Friendly” in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and their sites across England and Ireland.

In 2017, Rachel wrote “The Creative Minds” project at The Kings Theatre Portsmouth,  Including:  access days, stage text for the first time in Portsmouth and accessible performances and training of members of staff.

In 2020, we delivered “Wonder Boxes” into our community to support staff during the covid pandemic, boxes contained backing tracks, costumes, meaningful activities they could use throughout the weeks hire, so staff could create their own clubs, stories and film work.

After many years of delivering creative storytelling workshops into care homes, we are now training the trainers to deliver storytelling shows and workshops

We can support industry professionals to engage with their learners, taking our own experiences of techniques that are easy to use and quick to learn deepening the connection and understanding of their surroundings, 

People living with dementia, do not lose their creativity, humour and find using the performing arts a great way to connect, have fun and express themselves.

Access Days

Creating an accessible environment is really easy and actually covers a whole range of disabilities and mental health issues, by creating an environment suitable for those living with dementia means you are more equipt as an organisation to deal with people from all walks of life

Impacting on our city