Our themed Story-Boxes, delivered to your door, covid regulations.

D-Day to YOUR Doorstep Box

First watch The 20 mins video of “D-Day on your Door-step” performed by Red Sauce Theatre company

( A clip from the film is below)

  • NEXT  Try on the range of costumes and hats supplied and take a selfie!
  • THEN Sing a long to the  war-time tunes and even play along with our instruments
  • Read the veterans letters and war-time posters and pamplets
  • Look at pictures of Portsmouths Past and Present
  • Quiz time and a cuppa

Share your own thoughts and stories 



Watch our 15 mins fantasy fairy story (to the right)

Give out your scripts and listen to our backing track!

Cast your characters!!   Try on our costumes, Use our Props

Perform your play, Film for loved ones to see!!


“The Just For Fun Box”

Colourful Parachute for your team to bond and upper body exercise!   With Balloons!

 Colourful Fly Swatters for balloon tennis with tennis net!

 Quizes and Activities with a cuppa, for a well earnt rest 

Now read our selected poems – now can you make up your own?

Now for a singalong with kareoke Machine 

and colourful instruments

 Perfect to make your party go with a BANG

The Georgan Box 


Nelson - The man behind the Mask!
"Kiss Emma"
Click Here
The Transatlantic Slave Trade
the tale that is told in a whisper,
Click Here
Jane Austin
Her connection to Nelson, her plays, films and costumes
Click Here
Emma Hamilton
A true story of a poor woman who lived in a rich mans world
Click Here

Our Boxes work with all groups, delivered to your venue, 3 day hold/clean (Covid regulations) between care-homes.

Lots of Activities to get groups moving
Fun for everyone, and upperbody workout
Click Here
Colour therapy
warming up the group
Click Here
Ww1 and Victorian Box
Something for everyone to explore
Click Here
WW2 Songs and Fun
Bringing people together
Click Here
Click Here
Interactive Books
for those living with later stages of dementia
Click Here
Props and costumes
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