We are now travelling back in time………to 1939  The letters from the front have arrived!!  Mrs B’stard is full of nerves, shes going under the kitchen table,  its much safer there, when she reads them out, she forgets all about the troubles…would you like to hear a letter?

Our shows are for everyone to enjoy!!  Here are few comments from teaching staff at museums

  • Fiona Harvey from the National Museum of the Royal Navy  said “The performance was FANTASTIC so powerful”
  • Dan Ball from The Army Flying Museum said.. “It was AMAZING working with the talented Rachel Goodall from Red Sauce Theatre who performed VE day on your Doorstep!  
  • Caroline  Oswald from Wessex Heritage said  “The Show was BRILLIANT” 
The VE Day Box comes with costumes for teachers to wear, props and activities for your pupils to marvel at.

 Using drama techniques to create an insight into the life of an evacuee from Portsmouth during WW2                               The Care of The Driver Workshop

Key stage 1 & 2 

Tilly Shilling is good at SCIENCE, and she invented something that helped us win the war!!  BUT WHAT?

Video commissioned by the Army Flying Museum as part of project eagle funded by the National Lottery Heritage Funded project to bring the museums stories, collections and artefacts to new audiences including the museums young Eagles youth group in partnership with the army welfare community development service.  

After World War 1 life was so different for the People of Portsmouth, in so many ways

Now we go even further back in time to……. The Victorian Era……

where you can meet Miss Goodall the Victorian Teacher,  she is also a Suffregette and expects everyone to do their best.  She has many stories to share with you all about whats going on in 1919….war, spanish flu…  So stand up straight, shoulders back and we will make a start.  We will explore the class system and the etiquette when social distancing was the norm.


 Then a surprise performance by Charlie Chaplin, who motivated the troops and made audiences howl with laughter! 

Now its Time for you to SHINE  and explore the world of MIME


WW1 It was the role of the performers to motivate the troops and to keep morale at home high.

Performers came in all ages and sizes but during WW1 most were women, some created performances  wearing soldiers clothes and  performed on the main stages here in Portsmouth as men.  This was considered a real art form and these female performers travelled the world with their male impersonations.

In the theatre world gender switching roles is not unusual at all, traditionally men have played womens roles since the Tudor period when women were not allowed to perform.

A fun filled Session which concentrates on physicality, posture and body language. Red Sauce Theatre work with Trestle Masks to enrich the learning experience.

Now we are going even further back in time to the 18th century to Georgian England

Make way, Make Way.....MAKE WAY!
The time has come to meet James Grey .....He lived and worked in Portsmouth
and fought bravely upon the sea, but he had a little secret - he was actually a SHE

Hannah is searching for a crew and she has heard about the "snotties" at your school...

But before they are accepted into Nelsons Navy-they they must pass all the challenges needed to make sure they are ship-shape

Interactive Activities with Costumed character
for all your little powder-monkeys (keys stage 1 & 2)

Now Watch in awe as Hannah Snell performs her monologue, written in her own words, explaining why she went to sea and what happened when she went home, where her services recognised?

Paving the way for women to go to sea today....