Regardless of Age - Engage!

Red Sauce Theatre have gained awards and International Nominations for their work in the community.

We have created and delivered well-being in schools and delivered training in the work place.

Bringing awareness and positivity using creative techniques to support groups, facilitators and co-ordinators.


We believe in the POWER of well-being


Well-being comes in many forms, we use history and culture as part of our theatrical process, to explore identity and feelings through stories and music. 

Breathing techniques, posture, movement and creative expression releases inner tensions

builds friendships trust and confidence to embrace life 




We are now sharing our Creative Talents - Training for those in Health and Social Care

We make theatres accessible, training and oganising interactive Open Days for the public

Faith Groups
sharing stories through creativity
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Community Groups
Interactive and Sensory Performances
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These 2 continue running weekly musical theatre sessions for their residents
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Using culture to connect
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