We believe in the POWER of well-being

Well-being comes in many forms, we use history and culture as part of our theatrical process, to explore identity and feelings through stories and music. 

Breathing techniques, posture, movement and creative expression releases inner tensions

builds friendships trust and confidence to embrace life and improve selfworth 

We work with those living with long term illness and trauma

Red Sauce Theatre created Themed Arts and Culture Resource Boxes to help community groups and care-homes throughout the Covid Pandemic 2020-2021

During the covid pandemic we worked with care-homes to improve well-being

Red Sauce partnered with PAMODZI CREATIVES and their Creative Transitions Schools Project to help primary school children across Portsmouth during the covid pandemic

So incredibly lucky to work with the wonderful Roni Edwards from Pamodzi Creatives,  creating a SOW from the PHSE curriculum.

The Victorian Lady, found herself lost in time, looking for the year 1919!!  She met lots of children on their way to school and talked in great length with them all about “The Spanish Flu” They in turn told her all that had been happening here in Portsmouth one hundred years later!!  The Victorian Lady discussed hygiene, medical matters, healthy eating and showed them all how to breathe, keep calm and centre yourself before dashing off back in time!


We went into our local community and into local care homes to deliver Performing Arts Workshops and Performances to the elderly and those living with dementia.

Two casts of people living with dementia, were in a film, they loved the drama classes and the whole experience of rehearsals and on the performance day, I was surprised to find them all waiting for me in full make-up and costume.  They enjoyed watching the films back, they also found it very funny that staff took part too.

We created booklets with their names and stories and poems we facilitated during the workshops, below are a few of the videos we made.

Carers received Drama Classes
Blue Water Care Home Drama Classes

During our drama workshops, we created a devised theatre piece about what life was like living with dementia, which was seen by family and friends who thought the experience wonderful.

We created a booklet for those living with dementia to read, which we took into the community to test with positive results, we found the sensory book was a wonderful tool to use and share with a relative or friend, it explains how it feels to have dementia, we created fun poems and coping strategies we found helped.

the words are the words used by the cast to explain how they think they are perceived by people.
We took off the post-its to reveal Eliza was just Eliza.

We are so thrilled to have worked with some local organisations delivering our own unique brand of well-being. Please do look at our videos we are super proud of the work we do in our community and see what they say about us!!

Creative Arts Project 2013-2014
In Partnership with Portsmouth University and The Alzheimers Society

During the project, Red Sauce Theatre delivered some weekly drama workshops to a group of people living with dementia.  Together we devised a performance piece, we performed the piece at the end of the project to a live audience including the groups friends and family.

Red Sauce Theatre have gained awards and International Nominations for their work in the community.

We have created and delivered well-being in schools and delivered training in the work place.

Bringing awareness and positivity using creative techniques to support groups, facilitators and co-ordinators.

Awarded to us for training over 180 people across the NMRN sites
Nominated Internationally for our work
Drama Training!

Collaborating with organisations across Portsmouth

Supporting the Remind Service and being part of the DAA
Collaborating with The Remind Service
Local care-homes

Collaborating with the Kings Theatre, I wrote and delivered the Creative Minds project during 2017, we also delivered drama shows and for the first time in the theatres history Stage-Text!

The Kings Theatre also gave Red Sauce Theatre a safe space for carers during our project in 2015.

Rachel being interviewed for the Rotary
Rock Challenge Judge, promoting the ARTS with schools